“I choose my own way to burn.”
-Sophie Scholl, activist and prisoner of conscience*.

About me

Writing and expressing my opinion on global matters has been a lifelong passion.

I wish to share this with fellow readers wishing to learn and formulate their view on issues affecting many individuals worldwide.

My name is Keeara, I am a New Zealand born and based Filipina. I am a student of Law and Politics and International Relations and what informs my writing are pressure points from my studies, learning with migrant communities and community radio as well as a passion for human rights awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your day job? Student. I do communications and journalism work for a humanitarian NGO.

Where does that accent come from? My family has lived in several countries, we were living in the United States in my early childhood (and where I learnt English).

Favourite colour? Pink, yellow and purple.

Writing Aims

Academia and journalism doesn’t have to be difficult to understand nor in a position to be vilified, the 4th estate has a key function for learning, thinking and development.

I hope to bridge this gap by making my writing accessible and to open doors to how other people live and experience life.

My Experience

My hope is to contribute to journalism which is cheeky, vibrant and provocative!
I have written for outlets including Planet FM, Tearaway Magazine, Active Magazine, Craccum Magazine, Verbatim Magazine, Clitbait UK and Asia Pacific Report.
I have previously been interviewed by Sticky TV and Equal Justice Project.
I am hoping to continue my journey developing and sharing my writing portfolio!

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Donations will go towards sustaining my independent journalism work through researching for future topics and maintaining this blog.

Thank you for visiting my blog, happy reading and writing!

Winner of Best Opinion Writer, Aotearoa Student Press Awards 2019.

With thanks to my contacts in the NGO, activist and migrant communities for their support and inspiration. Thank you to all respondents to my Vox Pops work as well.

I would like to thank all my readers for encouraging me.


@duck_d_lynn (Blog Art)
Special thanks to superstar illustrator Lynn for her longtime collaborations with me, for making my writing stand out with her creative art.

Pearly Words
Thank you to Pearly Words for helping me set up a blog and for their technical support.

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Images on this blog are sourced from the public domain where possible.
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Acknowledgement of Country

KforKindling affirms and recognises the original guardians of Auckland City, Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei, who continue to establish their legacy in the city where my home/mobile blogging office is based.

*(Sophie Scholl was a political prisoner in Nazi Germany, part of a non-violent resistance group who opposed the Nazi regime. She was later imprisoned and executed for criticising the regime through resistance pamphlets. Her legacy continues to live on through her desire to have others think for themselves in a compelling court admission before her death. She and her fellow activists challenged readers to go beyond their comfort zone and dare to act on their conscience.)