Miss Information

The story of how I went from conspiracy fan to conspiracy critic. Unpublished...for now.Featured image sourced from 'Alice in Wonderland' prod. Walt Disney Productions, 1951. Written 20 October 2021. This article is part of a bumper pack on fighting disinformation. You can read my previous work on this topic here: 'A Vaccine Against Disinformation' (A … Continue reading Miss Information

Organising Against Disinformation

Organisation ideas to counter the far-right alliance with anti-vax, anti-mask and pandemic disinformation. An adapted guide and my opinion of a presentation by Campaign Against Racism and Fascism Australia.Inspired by ideas from Tom Tanuki, Zane Alcorn and Jess Lenehan and over 600 online activist attendees. Notes organised and researched by Keeara.Written 21 September 2021.Featured image … Continue reading Organising Against Disinformation

Exclusive: Former Elohim Academy Cult Member Speaks Out

An exclusive look inside the elusive religious movement recruiting young women around New Zealand.50th Article Special!Exclusive interview and research by Keeara Ofren, with support from Arishma. Read Part I: 'A Cult Tried (And Failed) To Recruit Me'Read Part II: 'Auckland Students Recount Experiences with Elohim Academy Cult' Unabridged Version.Originally published in Craccum Magazine, Issue 19 … Continue reading Exclusive: Former Elohim Academy Cult Member Speaks Out

A Vaccine Against Disinformation

A vaccine against fake news, so you can tell real from fake on the fly... Written 28 August 2021.Unpublished...for now.Featured image sourced from Cottonbro of pexels.com . Content warning: Pandemic discussion Part 2 available here: "Organising Against Disinformation". Are you receiving calls to reject mainstream news? Are you not sure who to trust? Have you … Continue reading A Vaccine Against Disinformation

The Virus of Domestic Violence

Why New Zealand is not Prepared to Address a Domestic Violence Boom.Originally published in an Online Edition of Craccum Magazine (3 August 2020). As told to Keeara of KforKindling by Anonymous.Featured Image sourced from Vitor Barros of unsplash.com. Content Warning: Domestic violence.If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, please contact 111. If … Continue reading The Virus of Domestic Violence

Goodnight Alt-Right: A Practical Guide to Neo-Nazi Vandalism in NZ

A saga of swastikas, stickers and swift action. Originally published under a pseudonym in Craccum Magazine (29 July 2019): http://craccum.co.nz/community/goodnight-alt-right-a-saga-of-swastikas-stickers-and-swift-action-how-to-practically-address-the-growing-problem-of-neo-nazi-vandalism/.Featured Image sourced from Radical Graff Tumblr, graffiti seen in Melbourne following the Christchurch Shootings.CW: Hate crimes, hate speech, racial epithets “The opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference”. Elie Wiesel’s words of the importance … Continue reading Goodnight Alt-Right: A Practical Guide to Neo-Nazi Vandalism in NZ

My Crush, The Far-Right Troll

The story of my first brush with university heartbreak and politics of the real world.Published in Clitbait Magazine's 'Transitions' Edition, September 2021: http://www.clitbait.co.uk/my-crush-the-far-right-troll/Unabridged version.Written 10 July 2021, adapted from March-May 2016 journal entries.Featured image is Pepe the Frog, comic book character appropriated into right-wing meme culture, sourced from KnowYourMeme. CW: Cyberbullying, violence against women, racial … Continue reading My Crush, The Far-Right Troll

A Response to ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’

My unpublished Q&A response to one of my most read articles.Part I available here: "'Mufti Day' aka Judgement Day". Unpublished (For now...)Written 3 July 2021Featured image sourced from Canada Times. CW: Bullying When I wrote ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’, I wrote it at 2am when I couldn’t sleep, laughing and crying about weird memories … Continue reading A Response to ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’

The Next Wave of Anti-Indian Racism in NZ

Anti-Asian Racism in NZ Hasn't Gone Away- It's Re-emerging. Originally featured in Craccum Magazine, Issue 10 (17 May 2021- My bday 🧡): http://craccum.co.nz/news/opinion/the-new-wave-of-anti-indian-racism/Featured image sourced from Cottonbro from pexels.com .Abridged version. Content warning: Discussion of racism The propaganda machine was set. Words and text will be prepared to be distributed for people to accept unconditionally. … Continue reading The Next Wave of Anti-Indian Racism in NZ