The Trauma of P.E

Content Warning: Discussion of bullying, body image struggles. Unpublished...for now.Featured image sourced from 'Spongebob Squarepants' episode: 'The Great Snail Race'.Reassembled April 2022 from actual journal entries at the time of high school. Retrieved from homemade-potato Tumblr. On a multi-user thread of former athletes condemning P.E pedagogy, improper warm-up methods and the basis of the subject … Continue reading The Trauma of P.E

Organising Against Disinformation

Organisation ideas to counter the far-right alliance with anti-vax, anti-mask and pandemic disinformation. An adapted guide and my opinion of a presentation by Campaign Against Racism and Fascism Australia.Inspired by ideas from Tom Tanuki, Zane Alcorn and Jess Lenehan and over 600 online activist attendees. Notes organised and researched by Keeara.Written 21 September 2021.Featured image … Continue reading Organising Against Disinformation

My Crush, The Far-Right Troll

The story of my first brush with university heartbreak and politics of the real world.Published in Clitbait Magazine's 'Transitions' Edition, September 2021: version.Written 10 July 2021, adapted from March-May 2016 journal entries.Featured image is Pepe the Frog, comic book character appropriated into right-wing meme culture, sourced from KnowYourMeme. CW: Cyberbullying, violence against women, racial … Continue reading My Crush, The Far-Right Troll

A Response to ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’

My unpublished Q&A response to one of my most read articles.Part I available here: "'Mufti Day' aka Judgement Day". Unpublished (For now...)Written 3 July 2021Featured image sourced from Canada Times. CW: Bullying When I wrote ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’, I wrote it at 2am when I couldn’t sleep, laughing and crying about weird memories … Continue reading A Response to ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’

Close Encounters of the Sugardaddy Kind

We are not alone. God, sometimes you wish you were though. Originally featured in Craccum Magazine, Issue 4 (19 April 2021): Image sourced from Suzanne Jutzeler of Abridged version. Once upon a time, in an unaffordable de-facto-feudal-wealth-disparity kingdom called Auckland, there lived a princess who always made a beeline to any clearance section, … Continue reading Close Encounters of the Sugardaddy Kind

My Review of ‘The Healthy Kiwi Student’ by The Tasty Twins

Originally published in Issue 1, Craccum Magazine, 2021 (1 March 2019): image sourced from Trang Doan of When I think about what it means to be a student, I think about scrounging around the ‘Reduced to Clear’ meat section for random cuts below 10 dollars. Or being on the possible brink of scurvy … Continue reading My Review of ‘The Healthy Kiwi Student’ by The Tasty Twins

Revenge of the Tiger Cub Part II: Frequently Asked Questions about Tiger Parenting

Unabridged notes and Q&A continuation of Craccum Issue 22's "Revenge of the Tiger Cub- How to Resist Parental Expectations and Live Your Truth".Unpublished (For now...)Featured image from , by Kendra Copeland. Content warning: Domestic violence Have you ever felt trapped or suffocated by the expectations of your family? Have you ever resented parenting which … Continue reading Revenge of the Tiger Cub Part II: Frequently Asked Questions about Tiger Parenting