The School Social

A weird high school memory. A story about growing up. Maybe.Unpublished (For now...)Written 26 July 2021. Adapted from actual journal entries kept at the time of high school. Featured images are stills from the music video of 'Teenage Dirtbag' by Wheatus (c)2000 Sony Music Entertainment and 'Love Me Like You' by Little Mix (c)2015 Columbia, … Continue reading The School Social

My Crush, The Far-Right Troll

The story of my first brush with university heartbreak and politics of the real world.Published in Clitbait Magazine's 'Transitions' Edition, September 2021: version.Written 10 July 2021, adapted from March-May 2016 journal entries.Featured image is Pepe the Frog, comic book character appropriated into right-wing meme culture, sourced from KnowYourMeme. CW: Cyberbullying, violence against women, racial … Continue reading My Crush, The Far-Right Troll

A Response to ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’

My unpublished Q&A response to one of my most read articles.Part I available here: "'Mufti Day' aka Judgement Day". Unpublished (For now...)Written 3 July 2021Featured image sourced from Canada Times. CW: Bullying When I wrote ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’, I wrote it at 2am when I couldn’t sleep, laughing and crying about weird memories … Continue reading A Response to ‘Mufti Day aka Judgement Day’