The Secret Lives of Retail Workers

Unpublished…for now.Featured image from 'Spongebob Squarepants' episode 'Party Pooper Pants'. All names have been changed. This piece is a work of opinion.Identifying details of non-managerial workers in stories have been omitted for their privacy. Content warning: Verbal abuse, racism, biohazard mention, financial instability, workplace bullying. It is a well-known proverb amongst retail staff that retail … Continue reading The Secret Lives of Retail Workers

The Day I Met a Political Prisoner

Recap of Neri Colmenares' Speaking Tour 2022 Written on behalf of Aotearoa Philippines Solidarity, a civil society group of activists and professionals with an aim for human rights awareness of the Philippines'. We work to organise speaking tours and learning opportunities for solidarity with human rights movements in the Philippines and migrant rights in Aotearoa … Continue reading The Day I Met a Political Prisoner

Why you Should Watch ‘Hatching’ (‘Pahanhautoja’)

A spoiler free horror film review. Featured images sourced from Sundance Film Festival Publicity.Unpublished...For Now.Written 6 June 2022. Content Warning: Discussion of child abuse (emotional abuse), narcissistic abuse & relationships, betrayal trauma. Content Warning for 'Pahanhautoja'/'Hatching' film: Body horror, vomiting, gore, animal cruelty, child abuse (emotional abuse), jumpscares (x2). If you or someone you know … Continue reading Why you Should Watch ‘Hatching’ (‘Pahanhautoja’)

The Trauma of P.E

Content Warning: Discussion of bullying, body image struggles. Unpublished...for now.Featured image sourced from 'Spongebob Squarepants' episode: 'The Great Snail Race'.Reassembled April 2022 from actual journal entries at the time of high school. Retrieved from homemade-potato Tumblr. On a multi-user thread of former athletes condemning P.E pedagogy, improper warm-up methods and the basis of the subject … Continue reading The Trauma of P.E

A Warning: Far-Right Dialogue in Pro-Refugee Spaces

Views are my own. Content Warning: Discussion of the far-right, Islamophobia, hate symbols. Unpublished...for now.Featured image sourced from Reuters.Written 14 March 2022. Author's Note: Article is for educational purposes, to be used as a tool for awareness within activist circles. Political diversity is important for humanitarian circles, but a line must be drawn at racism … Continue reading A Warning: Far-Right Dialogue in Pro-Refugee Spaces

Why I Don’t Support Crimson Education

The story of how I changed from being a competitive person. Unpublished...for now.Featured image sourced from Daria Liud Naya of 4 February 2022 (After much procrastination). I was 15 when I was at the crosshairs of one of the most key debates in education, through one controversial company. Crimson Consulting, now Crimson Education, is … Continue reading Why I Don’t Support Crimson Education

Organising Against Disinformation

Organisation ideas to counter the far-right alliance with anti-vax, anti-mask and pandemic disinformation. An adapted guide and my opinion of a presentation by Campaign Against Racism and Fascism Australia.Inspired by ideas from Tom Tanuki, Zane Alcorn and Jess Lenehan and over 600 online activist attendees. Notes organised and researched by Keeara.Written 21 September 2021.Featured image … Continue reading Organising Against Disinformation

A Vaccine Against Disinformation

A vaccine against fake news, so you can tell real from fake on the fly... Written 28 August 2021.Unpublished...for now.Featured image sourced from Cottonbro of . Content warning: Pandemic discussion Part 2 available here: "Organising Against Disinformation". Are you receiving calls to reject mainstream news? Are you not sure who to trust? Have you … Continue reading A Vaccine Against Disinformation